CGEIT: What is the return on real-time analytics investment?

CGEIT practitioners are equipped with advanced knowledge and experience in the governance of IT enterprise.


But to actually generate results, you also need to be able to successfully implement your business strategy. Resource optimization is the set of processes and methods to match the available resources (human, machinery, financial) with the needs of the organization.


Strategic management involves setting objectives, analyzing the competitive environment, analyzing the internal organization, evaluating strategies, and ensuring that management rolls out the strategies across the organization.


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Ensure the incorporation of enterprise architecture (EA) into the framework for the governance of enterprise IT in order to optimize IT-enabled business solutions. It assures that a certified professional understands and can communicate the knowledge and skills necessary in key areas of information security.


A security operations center (SOC) team likely has several tiers of cybersecurity professionals that are responsible for monitoring, directing, containing and remediating IT threats.


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