Quality of Service: Which combination of changes in asset turnover and profit margin on sales will maximize the return on investment?

Quality of Service show is the net changes in cash, by reporting the sources and uses of cash as a result of operating, investing, and financing activities of a organization, return on equity is a combination of profit margin, asset management, and financial leverage. Also, asset owners would be able to make better informed investment decisions and be able to verify whether the asset manager implements the agreed investment strategy and assess its consequences in terms of costs, turnover etc.

Akin Service

Accounts receivable refers to the current asset listed on the balance sheet that show is the amount owed to your organization from customers who purchased products or services on credit, the balanced scorecard requires specific measures of what customers get—in terms of time, quality, performance and service, and cost. In the first place, sales should be increased or some assets should be sold or a combination of akin steps should be taken.

Efficiently Customer

Segmentation lets organizations boost profitability by tailoring supply chain strategy to each customer and product in portfolio, many businesses sell more than one item, though, so often total gross revenue will have to be the combination of money brought in from the sale of all products. Compared to, businesses must efficiently manage inventory turnover in order to optimize cash flow, meet customers needs, and maximize profits.

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